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Monday, April 14, 2014

Hummers already on Long Island!

The following picture was taken yesterday by Melissa Hahn at her home in Suffolk County! They're here!  Of course the first arrivals are the adult males, with the brilliant ruby gorget. They establish their breeding territories before the females (who get second choice) arrive. Make sure your feeders are out, and maybe a male will pick your yard as his territory.


  1. I wonder where this is in Suffolk County ... I haven't seen any yet in East Hampton ... we had 3 last summer and I am so hoping for returns this summer ... Just found out about your Sanctuary and very much looking forward to visiting in August if your neighbors (who do not seem very neighborly to me) are not successful in closing it down.

  2. I just saw my first hummer of the season on my feeder in Bayport last night. It was a male.

  3. I've had a couple of other reports from Long Island of recently arrived males. So they really have arrived, mostly a bit later than the vanguard one photographed above. Let's hope the season is a long and good one! I return soon to Long Island to see for myself.