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Monday, May 30, 2016

Fine Fred; Terns' Turn; Montreal Gardens

Too wet to film today, but the rain is perfect for my new plantings.  Here's a vid from a few days ago of Fred on his "favorite" perch (which seems to be becoming less favorite; note the cherry flowers have not yet opened), followed one by a tern feeding frenzy on Long Island Sound.


Some of my more attentive readers might have noticed that in the right-hand column of this blog, way at the bottom, I list some of the gardens that I most admire, with links. I've just added to this one on the caribbean island of St Vincent. I've visited this island (indeed I nearly drowned there in a volcanic whirlpool) but prior to the development of this spectacular garden, the epitome of tropical lushness and vegetable poetry. Montreal Gardens is the work of a visionary artist/horticulturalist Timothy Vaughan, who splendidly, though a little hurriedly, narrates the video to which I link. At the moment one cannot reach St Vincent by a direct flight from the US (my son Jamie and I reached it by hopscotching, partly by sailboat, the Grenadines (Carriacou, then Union, Mayreau, Canouan, Becquia). As soon as the new much-delayed Argyle Airport opens I'll go there, though I fear the proximity of the airport might ruin the gardens. Here's the fabulous video. Paradise!

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