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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Second LaLa Update

I now have a second LaLa update, this from MaryLaura, a local naturalist who has written extensively about hummingbirds and other birds for the "Kingbird", the journal of the New York State Ornithological Association. She reports as follows:

"SHE LIVES!!!!  I just came back and was there for 1 hour. After waiting for 1/2 hour I feared she had succumbed to the below zero temps last night. Then, I thought I heard hummingbird squeaking! Sure enough-I have no idea where she came from-she appeared and never shut up! I thought she was annoyed with me (or perhaps cursing the cold.)  She tried to feed on a frozen feeder (all were frozen solid except the heated feeder) next to the heated one. She then went back to her perch so I waited another 15 minutes and she then finally went to the heated feeder to feed.She returned to her perch again and never stopped squeaking. Maybe she was glad to see me??Anyhow, obviously the heated feeder is keeping her alive. The solution at the top of the heated feeder was frozen but halfway down it was liquid and the ports were full of liquid, so it is working. We had a temp of about 14 last night without the wind chill so I assume it was with the wind about 5-10 below zero."

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