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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Meet me on my 69th birthday; Rambling roses and a hummingbird

Some of my readers may never have met me. Here I am today on my 69th birthday, at the Hummingbird Sanctuary. Meet me in the (rather meager) flesh in august when we open to visitors!  I filmed this little video to act as an introduction to my previous movie (see my previous blog post) on climbing roses.

I also filmed more of the climbing roses. While filming (with a live commentary) one of them, Etain, I noticed a hummingbird feeding at a nearby feeder. I was able to swing the camera to the hummingbird (rather jerkily), and then back again to the rambling rose.  Note the sparkling Sound in the background. A beautiful birthday, surrounded by roses and hummingbirds.

Here's a commentary on Etain which I filmed just before the above video. It shows a close-up of a flower.

Also, Frances Lester:

and Darlow's Enigma:

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