BASICS: "Hummingbirds.....where is the person, I ask, who, on observing this glittering fragment of the rainbow, would not pause, admire, and turn his mind with reverence..." (J. J. Audubon).
This is a blog about my summer life at the Baiting Hollow Hummingbird Sanctuary, at my winter garden, Calypso, in the Bahamas, and aspects of life in general.
This private sanctuary is now permanently closed to the general public, as a result of a lawsuit brought by a neighbor. Only my friends and personal guests may visit (

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone!

Here's a reminder of warmer weather

And check out this great hummingbird video :

See you all in 2014!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Town Threatens Legal Action Against Hummingbird Sanctuary

I received the following (undated) letter today (dec 19 2013) from the Riverhead Town Attorney's Office

Apparently Hummingbird Sanctuary Operation  is a "prohibited use" in the Town of Riverhead, and in addition requires a variance,  a site plan approval and "other necessary approvals". This "violation" was  discovered on august 5, and might require the initiation of a Supreme Court action against me. Funnily enough, my immediate neighbor is a Judge on the Supreme Court.