BASICS: "Hummingbirds.....where is the person, I ask, who, on observing this glittering fragment of the rainbow, would not pause, admire, and turn his mind with reverence..." (J. J. Audubon).
This is a blog about my summer life at the Baiting Hollow Hummingbird Sanctuary, at my winter garden, Calypso, in the Bahamas, and aspects of life in general.
This private sanctuary is now permanently closed to the general public, as a result of a lawsuit brought by a neighbor. Only my friends and personal guests may visit (

Thursday, September 5, 2019

4K hummer video

Reminder: I'm now posting mostly at The Sanctuary is closed to the public.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Hummers and Century Plant

Century plants (Agave americana) are abundant on Eleuthera and when they flower (once in their lifetime, and usually after 30 not 100 years) they attract hummingbirds. The flower stalk is about 30 feet high and the plant dies as it flowers. Here's one along the oceanfront

Here's a general view of the flower

and here are 2 clips of hummers feeding at it:

A second Century Plant is blooming in the back garden at Calypso, and a juvenile male Woodstar hummingbird is guarding it:

In the final clip, this young male attacks a hummer that starts feeding on "his" flowers:

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Great Lizard Cuckoo eats Cassie's Chick

Sad news. This morning at 7.30 the chick was on the edge of the nest and I filmed the mother feeding him. 

Then I filmed the chick:

10 minutes later I returned to the nest, but it was wrecked, the chick was gone, and a Great Lizard Cuckoo was in the tree a few feet away, still swallowing something.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Perching before feeding

When Cassie, the Bahama Woodstar mother hummingbird whose nest I'm monitoring, arrives to feed her young, she usually perches nearby before flying to the nest itself, on the look-out for potential predators. Usually she chooses a spot I cannot easily film, but today I could:-

 When she took off she flew directly to the nest and started feeding the babies:

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Eggs Hatched!

I'm calling the female Bahama Woodstar hummingbird that's nesting in a casuarina tree "Cassie". Her eggs have finally hatched and she's busy feeding the tiny babies (probably 2 of them).

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Hummers in the Bahamas

Since Christmas I've been at our winter place "Calypso" on the Bahamian island of Eleuthera, and have rather neglected this blog. I see hummingbirds here every day - the local variety known as the Bahama Woodstar, which is even smaller than the ruby-throat, though rather similar in appearance and behavior. However, the male's throat is purple rather than red:

Yesterday, march 2, I spotted an active nest, about 12 feet off the ground in a casuarina tree:

The mother seems to be incubating eggs. Here are more videos, shot today march 3: