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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

LaLa and Mme W Update

We had, and are still having, 3 days of torrential rain (5 inches total) coupled with very strong north winds, which have driven water through various cracks and crannies in the houses, and caused the power to go off for 18 hours (we are at the end of a remote narrow road between North Palmetto Point and Double Bay, on Eleuthera) - but the good news is that Mme W is still hanging in there, protecting her eggs and keeping the nest fairly dry - no obvious damage. I hope to get video tomorrow if things dry out a bit.

It seems that LaLa is doing okay too: here's a report from Johnny at around 9.30 this morning:

"She is strong and feisty this morn! I watched her Feeding on new feeders I put out replacing the frozen ones. I did not see her using the heated feeder but she must be as all the others were frozen until I arrived around 930 am. She is also confidently defending her area against local chickadees and titmice trying to drink from the ant moats above the feeders! Long way to go but she's off to a solid start!"

I have to say Johnny, that, since she's been there since at least nov 17, she's well beyond a solid start!

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  1. We are all so happy that La La is doing so well, despite the weather conditions.
    She must be a pretty tough bird.