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Monday, December 12, 2016

Videos of the 2 North Fork Rufouses

Here I show a few of the videos I shot on sunday in the North Fork yard which currently has 2 (two!) wintering rufous hummingbirds. Rufouses normally winter in Mexico and summer in the north-west and up into British Columbia and Alaska. However in recent years some rufouses have been gradually shifting their wintering grounds into the gulf coast area and then even into the mideastern parts of the US. This is happening because of at least 2 factors: homeowners are planting more hummingbird flowers and maintaining more feeders, and global warming is slowly altering long-established behavioral patterns (e.g. this recent article). However, a third factor might also be operating: more people are noticing hummingbirds and the internet has greatly facilitated the reporting of data.
Inevitably some of these western birds are ending up in the North East and this year I've heard at least 4 reports of winter rufouses on Long Island. Many thanks to the homeowner for allowing me to film these 2 brave and hardy hummingbirds! The first video is in 4X slo mo. This bird seems to have a single red spot on his throat.

The second video shows the same bird (the one that arrived first, in mid-october) perching on a privet bush from where she/he watches her/his feeders, and enjoying the scant warmth of the sun.

My third video shows what seems to be the second rufous, which prefers the feeder located on the left of the yard. If you look carefully you can see near the start a triangular red throat spot. 

I will post more of my videos soon. But here is another video, not by me, that's also on Youtube. The one shown at the start seems to have a larger triangular dark red spot on the throat than the one shown in my first video, and probably corresponds to the one shown in my third video.

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