BASICS: "Hummingbirds.....where is the person, I ask, who, on observing this glittering fragment of the rainbow, would not pause, admire, and turn his mind with reverence..." (J. J. Audubon).
This is a blog about my summer life at the Baiting Hollow Hummingbird Sanctuary, at my winter garden, Calypso, in the Bahamas, and aspects of life in general.
This private sanctuary is now permanently closed to the general public, as a result of a lawsuit brought by a neighbor. Only my friends and personal guests may visit (

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Very big hummer lands next door

here it lands:

and then it takes off:

The man that lives next door is Kamal Bherwani, who I first met in the office of his lawyer, as part of his lawsuit against the hummingbird sanctuary. Unfortunately the suit never came to trial, since after 3 years of battle I no longer had the resources (financial and mental) to continue, and was forced to settle. Under the terms of the settlement I have to close the sanctuary to the public after this season (which runs july 20  - sept 15), though of course my private guests may continue to visit. I will soon be posting at this blog the exact dates and times for visiting. When you see an available slot time that suits you, please email me with your request.

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