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Saturday, March 1, 2014

babies tripled; BR Bite

Yesterday was a busy, and wet, day, but this morning is beautiful and I saw that Gumbo is still feeding her babies, which have almost quadrupled in size over 3 days (see above and below). She's spending more time away from the nest, as the chicks' need for food increases, but is still sitting on them after her now more vigorous feeding. The chicks now occupy about the bottom third of the nest, and are clearly visible from above as little brown coarsely feathered blobs. However, their heads seemed to be tucked out of view. Here's a photo taken from above.

I'll shoot video this afternoon. In the mean time here's a picture of the improved state of my Brown Recluse bite. It's well on the mend, has considerably shrunk from the initial size (see black dots), and is much less painful. The central pimples erupted earlier in the week and have been weeping pus. The only treatment has been bathing the hand in warm salty water for 20 minutes. I keep it bandaged most of the rest of the time. I hope that it continues to improve (it's now 8 days since the presumed bite), and that my experience shows that more aggressive treatment (e.g. antibiotics, surgery) is not always needed.

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